PWS has developed a strategy to serve the growing and changing needs of the retail sign industry. Our management team has extensive experience in retail signage and a very high level of manufacturing expertise in the sign and other manufacturing industries with an emphasis on advanced manufacturing and quality methods. Based upon this strong sign industry and manufacturing background, combined with recent sign industry research, PWS has developed a strategic plan to achieve its Vision to become the “Best” and “Largest” wholesale sign supplier in the US.

  • Full Product Line Offering
  • Exclusively  Wholesale
  • Regional Manufacturing Expansion

Full Product Line Offering

PWS has the full capability to support the largest national signage program volume and product mix, as well as the flexibility to respond to a single, custom sign need. PWS has invested millions of dollars during 2013-2014 to add state of the art equipment and expand its facilities to 75,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space with a 25,000 sq. ft., 30 ft. high fabrication center to enable us to manufacture any type and volume of signage. It's focused-factory manufacturing cells also enable PWS to excel at channel letters, box and flex face signs, thermoformed faces and digital printing.

Exclusively Wholesale

PWS is passionate about being “Wholesale” and not “Retail”, and PWS will never be a source of competition to our retail sign partners. Sign companies - often referred to as “Wholesale” companies, hybrids provide wholesale manufacturing products, but also market themselves directly to retail customers! Thus, they are “competitors” to retail signage companies, and their hybrid business model requires them to perpetuate retail as well as wholesale accounts. Why would any retail sign company want to utilize a hybrid retail-wholesale company when PWS can effectively provide the full range of product services needed and not compete with the retail sign company?

Regional Manufacturing Expansion

The PWS plant is located in Jacksboro, TN, just North of Knoxville, TN. The strategy of PWS is to maximize its organic growth in the Jacksboro/Knoxville operation, but also to add manufacturing production and capacity in other regional locations in order to provide single point of contact to support a retail customer throughout the US.