Value Proposition


  • Full product line offering
  • Manufacturing capacity, facilities and equipment
  • Engineering expertise and systems capabilities
  • World class manufacturing quality
  • Exclusively wholesale business strategy - NO Retail Sales
  • Skilled management and technical experience in all areas of sign manufacturing

Full product line offering

ProImage has undergone a multi-million dollar expansion of facilities and addition of top-rated equipment along with the establishment of one of the most highly skilled team of sign industry experts. This enables us to manufacture any type of product from large and complex to the simplest channel letter sign with the highest quality, best finish and on time delivery. PWS can manufacture essentially any type of signage required in the industry.

Manufacturing capacity, facilities and equipment

The new plant expansion provides a total of 75,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space, including dedicated fabrication center that is 30+ ft. high with dual 3 ton cranes to enable lifting and rapid movement of any signage. This Fab Center manufacturing output is supported by two new, very large paint booths to provide volume painting production quality and throughput – of any size! The factory has the space and focused production to generate a high volume of products from large fabricated architectural signage, to box and panel signs to channel letters, and digital printed parts. The manufacturing capabilities include two of the largest and best forming presses in the industry: RAS 73.50 Flexibend Folding Table and Jorns 21 ft. brake press. Multiple routers and channel letter benders enable PWS to provide flexibility, response and volume for customers. The bottom line is that PWS is well equipped with the capability and capacity to meet a customer’s every need.

Engineering expertise and systems capabilities

PWS has the most experienced engineering team in the wholesale sign industry, and even more resources and experience than many retail sign companies. While not currently providing structural design or stamped drawings, the engineering resources can effectively assist the customer through a very robust “value engineering” capability to position the customer for a high quality, competitive design, as well as providing CAD work for projects. The engineering software includes:  AutoCAD, Enterprise Data Management and Simulation, CAM Works. 

World class manufacturing quality

Some people use the term “World Class” without knowing what it really means or lacking the experience of actually having created such a capability. PWS uses this term to describe its work output not because it's good “buzzword” but because the management leadership has distinguished itself through decades of actual World Class application and accomplishment. PWS is dedicated to the relentless pursuit of World Class in every facet of its business to ensure that its Retail Customer receives World Class products and service.

Exclusively wholesale business strategy - no retail sales

PWS is committed to being your partner and not your competitor. It is that simple! We want to build long term trust and a deep level of exchange of information and ideas so that the retail customer can exceed customer requirements. We never want a retail customer to fear at any point that PWS could be a potential competitor either with its existing or future accounts.

Skilled management and technical experience in all areas of sign manufacturing

“We have walked in your Retail Sign shoes.” All PWS management have many years of experience in key leadership in Retail signage companies and thus have an in depth understanding of what is required by the retail sign company at each process stage of delivering value to its customer. PWS understands the criticality of the RFQ process, engineering, manufacturing, product quality and on time delivery as key parts of the logistic chain of events for the retail sign company. We can collaborate with you as no one else in the industry to help you succeed. And most of the management team have diverse and very rich manufacturing experience beyond the sign industry and can bring those advanced manufacturing and business practices to PWS.